Saturday, September 7, 2013

Even Steven's Ass Gets GASSed

  Since Fahoo! is Yucked-up... AGAIN! I'll just put this here. After a comment from a dear, fellow-capper about wishing they s/he could try out the stuff I used in "GASS, Grass & Ass", this tale of topical transformation is what came to my twisted-little-brain-pan.
  On the surface, it seems tragic that an unimposing person should find the balls to try and help a neighbor, only to be rewarded with losing them to her kinkiness & need for secrecy! ...Or, maybe not.
  Peace,Love&Kisses, M. Swapper!!!
"Even Steven's Ass Gets GASSed"


  1. Corr! Haha. Marvelous stuff dear.

    I've had a kitten in my garden the past week, shame she's nothing like these two beauts though.

    Wonderful caption! :D


    1. Thank you, Leandra!
      Don't know about yours, but my kitty is ever crying for attention! "Pet me!" "Feed me!" "Grab my tail!" "Spank me!" and so on! Sadly, I mean all that in the literal sense rather than the erotically euphemistic (you-femme-istic?) sensations I'd prefer.


  2. Wow!! This is spectacular, sexy, erotic, amazing... everything!! Thank you Elle sweetheart xXx ((hugs))

    1. You are WAY welcome, Liz! So glad you're willing to come to the rescue!! ;)

    2. Wonderful Cap. Lovely story.

      Playing with GIMP the last few months gave me a great tool to get around my colour blindness.
      Simply desaturate the picture, and use luminosity, and I get a light background with a dark text. Works like a charm for me.

      Hugs and Kisses.

    3. Oh, dear! Is this a round-about way of saying that my colour-schemes make reading my captions troublesome for you, Helena?!

      My apologies! I'll try to keep that in mind while composing and aim for greater contrast with the layouts. I do wonder if it helps with the pictures, though, not much I can do about that. ((xHelenaX))