Monday, July 29, 2013

Tontra & the One-RangeHer

  Here is my one 'Naughty' entry we were allowed in the June contest at Rachel's. Might have jumped the gun, as it were, since the New production from the studios o the Kingdom of Magic hadn't been released yet, but what the hey!  The story here is also slightly reminiscent of a bit one of the morning crews (used to) do on a radio station where I grew up.
  Not intending to slight any groups of native people here! In fact, I'd love to party with these guys- er as one of the gurlz!!!
 4 more pages to be found by clicking "Read more", and clicking images with scale them up for better legibility. Enjoy



  1. Absolutely delicious, elle :) did you win the contest?

    1. Thank you, ADdie! No winner has been announced as yet, but it's summer, so the Contest Kitty my be away on the prowl... or vacation.
      As of the close of voting none of my entries had nearly enough to take a spot, so I'm not expecting to win anything. :(