Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"SchroeddingHis Kitty"

  Inspired by a piece done by Dawn/'commentator' at Rachel's Haven, I put this little bit of something together. You can find captions by Dawn at her Girly Site.
  I had trouble getting it to upload at Rachel's Haven, so I'm posting it here instead.
"SchroeddingHis Kitty"
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  My note to Dawn when I tried, unsuccessfully to post this at Rachel's:

Hello, Dawn!  [wave]

  Since it was one of your pieces which inspired me to the following concept, I opted to compose it for you, even though the images may push the outside of your preference envelope. Though, I do aim to not dwell on your specific dislikes, I felt the idea too rich in possibilities to ignore some potentials outright.
  That being said, I also started the story focused on the wrong premise of the thought experiment involved. I hope my error may be forgiven, as I am an uneducated dolt, and have merely a layman's, (well, perhaps, slightly more than that), grasp of quantum physics. So, in any state, I hope the present offered here is, at least to some degree, to your liking!  [fingerscrossed]

Elle [smooch3]


  1. An interesting take on Schroedinger. I gather my cap on Occam's razor was the inspiration. I have no problem with what you did except that when the observer inserts herself into the experiment she is now part of the experiment.
    As to my likes and dislikes this series was no problem and I think it was cool that you stepped off the cliff with this series.

    1. Yes, 'Occam's Razor' was said inspiration, Dawn! And I utterly agree that 'Rachel' affected the experimental environment! Perhaps to the point inducing the outcome displayed in the last panel! And one does wonder what might not have been mentioned about her anatomy after the Prof. peeked-in? Perhaps a little surprise for Lucien after the study-group tonight?!

      Anyhow, I am glad you like it, Dawn! And, since space is curved, plummeting from the cliff might land me on my feet back at the precipice!?!

  2. I agree with Dawn, it's an interesting take on Schroedinger. When I read your comment on Occam's Razor (Thank you again for that lovely cap Dawn) I was curious to what it would inspire you to.
    Seeing this wonderful piece, I regret very I have only very limited time at the moment to visit the blogs I like, and leave a comment.

    1. I am honored and blessed that, with your time constraints, you choose to view and comment so sweetly & honestly on my material, Helena!!!

      Verily & sincerely, I thank you, Helena! ((Huggs))