Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuition-Fruition (icks-factor-moderate)

  Here is a second entry I made for this month's CapCon at Rachel's Haven.
  The caption text is posted past the jump, click "Read more" if you have trouble reading the jpeg

    Leo and Jenny had worked hard in their 'tween & teen years, saving for their educations. He had run paper-routes, mowed lawns and earned lots as a tutor. She'd done baby-sitting and got hot girls on her forensics team to hold college-fund car-washes so the girls could split the proceeds among their college-only accounts. Both gained from 'less respectable' means too.
  Their parents had agreed to match what the pair of fraternal twins had saved by the time they graduated high school. So the siblings each started early and made a friendly competition of it, knowing that the one with a bigger bankroll would have more fun & not need to work through school.

 "Kids, have a seat. There is something your father & I need to tell you."
 "That's right. Your mother & I have been reviewing our finances, and ever since the so-called 'economic downturn' we just haven't been able to save enough for covering both your living expenses at college. Greedy bastards! Making a profit is one thing, but... Damn those pirates on Wall Street!"
 "You've both done well in earning scholarships that cover tuition, but the prices of food & lodging are too high now, not to mention transportation, clothing, etc., and don't even think of what illness or injury might cost!"
 "We simply cannot afford to match what you have each saved on your own. We need to cut our portion in half and pool both of yours. I'm sorry."
 "We truly are, kids! But, your dad & I have an unorthodox plan..." their folks explained what could be done to ensure they'd have plenty of funds.

  Being pragmatic as well as smart, Leo & Jenny agreed that pooling their resources was best. Although, they doubted their parents' sanity & that an ancient incantation could do what mom & dad said it would do for them.
  The twins blacked-out as soon as their parents began the invocation...
As they awoke, alone in the den, it was quickly obvious that their parents had not been yanking their chains! They could feel Leo's braces on her teeth and Jenny's fishnets & boots on his legs & feet... as well as her tits rolling around on his chest while they stroked her hard cock which also tugged at his wet pussy-lips and made their tender areolae tingle with erotic bliss.
  Exploring their new relationship with each-other would lead Elle-Jae to a whole world of possibilities, opportunities, experiences & expectations the two had never considered! Chief among them; What major & which team?!

{Damn! What will the girls on the
swimming team think of us, Elle?!}

{No idea, Jae! I wanted
to try-out for crew, but
we may have to settle
for being a coxswain!}


  1. Might like it better if you could read the cap above the picture even when enlarged.

    1. Sorry, Stranger! I've added the text to the post, click "Read more" to reach it. And I am curious about what made the text problematic for you to read. It has been read by others at the Haven and this is the first mention of illegibility.