Friday, May 24, 2013

Blended Family: Growing in(to) Harmony

(icks-factor; moderate)
Here is the first contest entry I have submitted at Rachel's Haven in several months. The theme is "sibling rivalry", and another Havenette questioned the Caption Voting moderator about whether the motives must be built around negative aspects of the relationship or attempts to win 'mother's' favor.
  Being the contrarian I am, composing this tale around an image that I manipulated previously simply because I love how Vicki looks, was something I could not pass up. So, here is a recycled manip. to express the possibility resulting from healthy competition between adopted siblings.


  1. Have y ever thought of making slideshows like Rebecca Molay?

    1. I have, Stranger! Thought of doing so, that is. One reason I have not tried is because I probably wouldn't make as many pages as she does. Another is that most of my captions are heavier on dialogue/narrative, though, that's not an issue. I did compose a tribute piece for Ms. Molay in the likeness of one of her slideshows and presented it to her at Rachel's. She sounded thrilled with my work and said she would make a slideshow of it and post it on her blog, but it didn't happen. Here is that set,if you'd like to read it.

      If more interest is show, I might try making some. She has mentioned hoping that others might do some also.

      Thank you for asking, and please, let me know what you think of "Becoming Head of the Class".