Saturday, April 27, 2013

"Caught by L'wahn"; ep. 4

  Well, my darlings, not long ago, (on a geological scale?), I posted episodes 1 - 3 of a tale that I have been teasing 'Apokol', at Rachel's Haven, with a few pages at a time for some while. And, since this 4th installment of his transformation into a 'Thirdling P.E.T.' marks the first of my compositions in this story line since switching to my preferred and more capable GIMP software, I posted the previous work separately.
  Here, we will see 'Kriss'Tah' discover some benefits of becoming a 'Proto-Enchantress-Thirdling' under the tutelage of h-is/er new 'MasterEss', Teacher & Lover  while feeling both the power and the pleasure of life in this 'Other-Realm' of majicks, mysteries & mischievous manifestations.

   "Caught by L'wahn; ep. 4" (4 pages. click "Read more" for the full post. and click images to scale up)


  1. Wow... A great continuation of the L'Wahn saga.
    And on the question "will we ever find out?" that's for you to know, and for us to hope for.

  2. Thank you, sweetheart!

    Naturally, the internal query of the 'Lady Jockstone' which precedes that of "Will we ever find out?" begs its own question, to wit; "Fit what inside where?!" ;-) wouldn't you agree, Helena?
    (i'm getting the impression that some of the bizarre twists i contrive are bringing a much broader scope to your consideration than you might have imagined before our meeting, my dear!?!)

    Piece,Lust&Kinkiness!!! :xXx

    1. I totally agree.
      And indeed, While I always had a flair for the bizarre, that was in a total different direction, and while my mind is not pulling away from that, yet embraces yours as well, it is fair to say you have influenced my imagination.

      Piece, Lust & Kinkiness, Ooh, I like the sound of that.
      So my lovely, Piece, Lust & Kinkiness to you as well. xoxoxo