Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"Becoming Head of the Class"

  This work was composed back around the holidays, as a tribute/present for Rebecca Molay. If Rachel is the Goddess of the Haven, then Rebecca Molay is, at very least, the High-Priestess of TG-Captioning!
  I have been reading (lurking) her amazing & erotic works for far longer than I can recall, and much longer than I have been composing captions myself! Her slideshows are, of course, without peer, and they have inspired much fantasy & self-fondling, as well as the format of the piece which follows.

  These pages and story are formatted in the likeness of those in her slideshows under that aged cliche, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery," to express to Ms. Molay exactly that; My wish to share with her the inspiration her works fueled in me to begin producing my own captions, such as they are.

  Her reception of this piece at Rachel's Haven was one of appreciative approval, and I have been remiss in not sooner sharing it with those who do not enjoy access to Rachel's.
  While not nearly as long or well-developed as the slideshows of Ms. Molay, I do hope that you will enjoy this personal tribute to her, from yours truly.

"Becoming Head of the Class"


  1. Again a great story Elle, well done. Your unique writing style always makes me want to look beyond the borders of my own fantasies.

  2. I am glad you like it, Helena! And especially glad to foster your forays into the fringes of the fantastical!!!

    Really, what fun are fantasies with rigid boundaries or frigid frontiers?!