Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Guest Cap & Preview

  The first piece loaded here came to me from Alessandra/'MayDay', at Rachel's. We had traded some banter about tongues and this present from her was the result. So, please; Give it up for...
"Lingua Franca" by; Alessandra

  In return for her wonderful piece of work, I began composing something in return, which, due to circumstances beyond my control, is still a work-in-progress. Owing to the incomplete status of the whole cap-back I am creating for her, I slapped a quick little 'Marquee Poster' together, announcing the upcoming release of: "Editing ManUscripts".


  1. Ah, shame on me. Because I already commented on the Haven, I didn't look further the first times I saw Alessandra's beautiful caption here, and so I missed your announcement caption for her cap back.
    That poster is lovely, and it stands in its own right.


    As you can see, I don't need to post anonymously anymore. I don't have a blog, only an account, but it is another step for me.

    1. Well, dear, heel - toe - heel - toe, even mincing steps must be taken one at a time, lest we fall from our shoes, wouldn't you agree, Helena? And, of course, every step is as important as the last no matter what our destination! ;)

      Thank you, Helena! Peace,Love&Kisses!!!