Saturday, February 9, 2013

Is This My End?

  Well, go figure! Not long after writing a post then filing a complaint about a blog that appeared to be misusing these services, it seems my little niche has been flagged. And, as happened at another venue, no specificity regarding whatever complaint was raised against my work seems to be forthcoming from this provider. Here's what has happened;

  I posted a comment on another blogger's post and, when opening the profile of someone else who commented, I was treated to a flag-window cautioning me of some, undefined breach of TOS.

  Perhaps, in light of a recent lull in my creative efforts which, coupled with certain demands around my earthly abode, this is just the definitive sign that I need to step away and/or redirect my focus. As some other TG-Cap bloggers have mentioned a disconnect from their diligence in posting work for the viewing pleasure of the growing, yet generally silent, community of lurkers who favor the flavor of gender-alter-ed/ing fiction and caption, so too have I been feeling a bit 'lost' for motivation in generating new works.
  A part of this may be related to having left some project based on my personal fantasies to sit idly while I have produced captions to fill the likes and preferences of others. Or, it may be related to the state of my health and the return of cancer inside my head or the continued side-effects of the treatments I have already endured for such.

  Whatever the case, I would just like it to be known that all I ever wanted to do in this space was to express an integral part of myself which had been long denied any acknowledgement or freedom by putting whatever creativity I possess to share such into action and allow others to view, enjoy, respond or ignore as they see fit.
  It has never been my intention to induce any who are not in a position to consent to sharing in my dreams to do so, neither have I intended any harm to others in pursuit of my freedom to express what artistic efforts my faculty might produce. I know not what end this site will meet.

  It might be telling, however, that the apparently usurped site that I had posted about has removed the post that had been 'poached' from among my work here. Though, the 'blog' still appears to be active even though it looks to retain none of the normal blogger functionality -save what it needs to serve its own ends- and still has works from other, reputable TG-Cap-Blogs posted on it. Again, while I do not know the source or validity of any complaint about my space here, that some form of retribution may have been sought by one(s) of malicious, or at least greedy, disposition is not beyond the realm of plausibility. Or, maybe a viewer just decided that, rather than not visiting this place again, it offended their sensibilities sufficiently to warrant full censure by the server rather than a direct request to me for removal or redirection of works here. I don't know, I'm just a simpleton with an odd bent regarding the line between male & female or sex & sexuality. But I have not aimed to profit from such at the expense, either practical or emotional, of another.

  Well, enough of this rant!?! In closing I'll suggest that, perhaps, I'm too naive or indifferent to the woes of those with a nefarious set, or the requirements for diligence and adherence to certain conditions and conventions while trying to address my (addiction to?) appreciation of the female form and the achievement of experiencing its fullness of pleasures and variety of explicit intricacies and mysteries. I will proceed to respond to all of those who visit or comment as best I can if I can.
   Peace!  Love!  Kisses! -has ever been my live-&-let-live wish to all who visit, and, if this be the last post I sign with it, may the sentiment be real in all your lives!!!


  1. As one of those people who doesn't comment very often (almost never, that is), I have to say that sometimes it's important to step away from your writing for a little while... especially if you're being bothered by something related to your writing.

    1. That may be, Stranger. Or, perhaps, this is the catalyst needed to change the direction of what I write about. The thought has been nagging the posterior of my cranial enclosure that the time is ripe for me to address material of a more personal nature, regarding matters of greater relevance to the broader world, or at least, to give voice to some personal perceptions and beliefs.

      I'll ruminate on the idea a bit more, then act.

  2. hey girl, you need to do what you need to do, but i really don't want to see you and your work go. i thank you for the caps you gave me, will always treauser them. keep me poasted hugs, Sedra.

    1. Thank you dearly, Sedra, for your ever kind words of appreciation and encouragement!! The (too-) few pieces of work I have presented you are naught in comparison to the help and support you gave in the early days of expressing Elle to others, and the allowance you gave me to 'bend-your-eyes' with some of my thoughts and feelings. I thank you, Sweet Heart!! (El((xSedraX))le) = hugs & kisses back

      Truly, I do not want to see this space, or myself, go either. And, I will continue doing what I can as I can.

      Peace!!! Love!! Kisses!