Friday, November 30, 2012

"Fine-Ass-Solution" (IX-Fctr. High)

 Here is my Rachel's Haven cap-back to Darrell, of Kinky Adventures 101. While I did compose "Darrell Dared Elle" as a welcome to the TG-blogiverse, She 'fired the first shot', so-to-speak, at Rachel's. Thus, after her Trading Folder was granted and some preferences posted, I felt compelled to fire back. Fortunately, even considering the method of TF applied in the following scenario, this did not backfire, and was well-received by the 'captionee'.

 [The high 'ICKS Factor' relates to a couple of images explicitly depicting application of the changing agent via colonic. Although the images are quite erotic and no excrement appears, I thought advising you of such as the proper thing to do.]

 Continues after this break;

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