Saturday, November 24, 2012

"Darrell Dared Elle" (IX-Fctr-Low)

  Well, okay, he didn't really, but sometimes I get impetuous and decide to slap something together for a new member, or a first-time commenter. That's what happened today, after I saw the comment from Rockstar1986. I slid over to see a few of things things posted at their blog, and was quickly motivated to make the following bit of wishful thinking. I hope you like reading it, and do check out 'Kinky Adventures 101' , where the kinks include more than TG Captions!

"Darrell Dared Elle"
 Two more pages, but be advised, 'maleness' displayed on pg.2, but the woman surrounding it, WOW!


  1. Wow, Thanks for this, it was very unexpected but I got to say I do love it.

    1. Glad you do, Darrell! I wasn't sure how you'd feel about a magic transformation or ending up with your 'junk' inverted.

      ){*}( ,<3 & :-xXx