Saturday, October 6, 2012

"No Axe, New Grind"

The 'Jean-Gnomes' strike again!

"No Axe, New Grind"

Oops...more here


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    1. Well, darling, is there anything special you'd like in that regard? A particular shade of brown, some preference for body size & shape, a particular method by which you like being transformed or scenario in which to find yourself? How erotic/explicit would you like the images and story to be? Which way would you swing once wearing a fabulous female form of color?

      Please, Rene, do tell! I so LOVE composing the delights of others! Either here or via email, (are you a member at Rachel's Haven?), if you inform me of your likes &/or dislikes, it will be my pleasure -and hopefully yours as well- to present you a tale of transformation tailored just to get you twitterpated!

      Honestly! Peace,Love&Kisses;