Friday, October 5, 2012

"Just 'Til Monday" var.1.1&2


Just a note about those "Ick" reactions; The "Icks Factor- High" post hit the all-time highest viewed for this blog within 2 days of being posted. (and has had more 'positive' reaction than negative)

  Now, whether or not people thought it might be a spoof of Simon's new season, only to be disappointed on finding the bizarre body-mods of those caps, I can't really say, as none have left any comments, good, bad, or well, i suppose 'indifferent' would be the forgone conclusion here(?).

  Regardless, the following is a 2-page variation on the POV image, and the "IxFactor" only applies to the BBM described in the text, so it's not a visual element, depending on how well yor mind can 'creatively see' the form described.


"Just Until Minday" var. 1.1-2

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