Sunday, August 5, 2012

"So, You Think You Can Prance?!"

  For many weeks, I have been needing to get this story completed. The concept is one that had rattled around in my brain-pan for some time, until a few months ago, when I decided to put it together for Jennifer. Owing to my propensity towards distraction and taking the oft-appearing rabbit trail away from an already in progress project, this work got neglected.
  Believing there is a purpose for all things, the thought that my delay in completing this set has some reason became apparent several days ago, to wit; With the regularly scheduled season of the inspirational TV show on a mini hiatus for 'The Games', it occurred that having this to 'air' in the breach might be the reason I had not finished it previously.
  While this tale presents the prospect for a variation of the dance competition which has helped boost the popularity in dance-related productions on both big and small screened media, it might be a variation that many likers and lurkers of TG/TF would prefer seeing.

 Here's hoping you enjoy;
"So, You Think You Can Prance?!"

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