Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"Overflow" (01 pp1 thru 9)

  Finally! Chel, I have s story for you! Yes, my favorite mermaid and I were discussing themes and and such several months ago, and I told her I'd do a story of  'nourishing developments', shall we say?!

  As a testament to my tendency for getting distracted, discouraged, and otherwise waylaid by all manner of interruption and interference; here, at long last, is as tale of transformation, titillation and lactation. Having hmmed-and-hawed over what direction to take it, a composition which represents a beginning point for future exploits. (like i haven't done enough 'beginnings' that have no middles or ends already!)

  I hope it works for you, Chel! And that the many other viewers and followers will enjoy it, as well!

  "Overflow" (01)
  Oh,yes, there's more!


  1. You're a captioning machine ;) xx -Liz

  2. Hardly the prolific author you are, Liz!

    And I'm hoping you don't mean that my stuff is mechanical and devoid of soul or feeling! (though i can see where it might lack certain 'socially redeeming' qualities, or much in the way of 'moral character')

    Thanks for the input, Hon!!! oxoxo

  3. Of course I didn't mean that, lol. And your captions are much more splendid than mine, in both appearance and content. Your descriptions are wonderful, and so are you :) -Liz xx

  4. You're too kind, Liz! And I was joking, though it wouldn't surprise me to find that some feel that way about the works I compose.