Friday, August 10, 2012

"CopHerTone; Entrepreneurial R&D"

  Been toying around with this idea for a topical lotion made by the folks at Mystic Alchemy Massage & Spa.

  Kelly, a.k.a 'sp2000', is always such a dear, I enlisted her to try it out and get a handle on the marketing aspect.

  Your feedback could help the developHers to refine and customize the formulae that reach retailers near you!

"CopHerTone; Entrepreneurial R&D" (a M.A.M.S. product)


  1. If you could buy these in stores...I'd already have a pair. Although...there's a certain other pair I'd much rather have bouncing around on my chest, I think you know Elle ;) xx

    Great work sweetheart!! -Liz

  2. Oh, well, thank you... Liz, is it?!

    Of course this pair is merely the result of this variety of the CopHerTone. There should be plenty of other options and models available when we're ready to market this stuff!