Sunday, February 19, 2012

THERE, THEY'RE, THEIR; a Spell Check Fail-101 cap.

  "Spell-Check-Fail 101" is a concept I've been thinking about for a while now. The aim is to offer some suggestions in regards to what software won't tell the user. The captions I post under this tag are not intended to offend, or point fingers at, any author or composer of captions or stories, they are merely intended to shine some light on commonly and often recurring uses of incorrect, though, correctly-spelled words for the context in which they appear.

  I make plenty of errors in spelling, usage and punctuation when composing captions for your, and my own, entertainment. And I certainly have neither the desire nor the recollection to mention any specific examples of any less-than-adept use of English in the TG/TF Caption community. I also fully understand that English, (the Queen's, President's, P.M's., or any other dialect), is not the native tongue of many, writers, (some of whom write in it consistently better than I could ever presume to hope equaling).

  Please, take these works as an expression of humorous attempts at earnestly trying to help any who might benefit from being presented something they may not have known, in a way their teachers would never have told them. Know also that I have for a long time, and continue to, thoroughly enjoy(ed) the depth, breadth, and variety of all the niches this community fills, and that, regardless of cunning linguistics, appreciate all you who have blazed the paths and follow along the ways we travel toward the liberation of our selves through the fantastic expressions of gender and sexual identity!

Elle / w8z2x4m

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