Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mjolnir Visits Mystic Alchemy Massage and Spa

  I was  greatly honored, recently, to receive a caption in my trading folder at Rachel's Haven, from Rebecca Molay. It is, like its author,is a work of beauty; elegant, uncomplicated, erotic, and greatly appreciated. Ms. Molay's tagline reads, "So much to do!" and, having some inkling of the fact that her schedule is rather full, if not somewhat harried, made the thought of her taking some time to compose a caption for me that much more of a blessing! And, should she reply affirmatively to my request, her gift to me shall be posted as a guest caption in this blog.

  My caption back to her revisits the theme of the first series I composed when starting this blog, even the beginning of my attempts at making captions. It had been my intent to make "M.A.M.S." a 'universe' that I would revisit on a somewhat regular basis, however, I have not done another story in that theme since. Until now.

  The original captions were an overzealous attempt by a new captioneer, and their composition was a bit convoluted, if not, confusing, and drew on some images commissioned by the amazing Rauk22, who has also been a great inspiration. My reach probably exceeded my grasp, as I was not yet even a novice in the realm of TG Captions, (and my style and content have not greatly improved since). The first "Mystic Alchemy Massage and Spa" story can be viewed here.

  Without further ado, I present, for your perusal, "Mjolnir Visits Mystic Alchemy Massage and Spa."



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