Thursday, January 12, 2012

Panty-Raid Poof

 For Xeoush at the haven, Panty-Raid Poof is what can happen to pledges when they don't meet the standards of certain fraternities, or would prefer to pursue a broader array of options than that of an under-appreciated study-slave to the upperclassmen.

  I composed this a while back, but never posted it here, so, here's hoping you enjoy the tail - I mean tale!
  And input, pro / con / complacent, is always helpful and appreciated!


  1. This is absolutely my favorite caption by you, and is the reason why I've been checking out your blog!

  2. Thank you, deeply and sincerely, Chel! It is a joy and an encouragement to know that people are liking what I've done! Trying to keep abreast of the TG Blogs explosion can be a daunting pursuit, and there is so much great work to be seen and appreciated on the net!

    Thank you!