Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Years Kiss

 This bit of work is for Jake, of the several GTG_Tales Yahoo Groups/ 'Tobe Adame', and Rachel's Haven as well. I have been meaning to compose something for him for a few months and finally got it done. His concept of the 'Venus and Mars Clinics' is a wonderful universe which many lovers of things TG might wish were realized in the physical world we inhabit. Kudos to Jake, for providing many years of fun, titillating, and arousing captioned TG stories!!!
 Note: The layout of a couple of panels makes following the sequence of text slightly confusing. I apologize for this, and will aim to avoid it in the future. Read the text segments in stair-step fashion, from left to right -  left - right, progressing down the page on panels 7 and 9.

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