Tuesday, February 21, 2017

"Katherine & Nick: A DrunkDrinkDrank Tale"

I do hope Katherine over at Pink Ranger TG Captions doesn't mind that I've written this little piece around her, but I have the feeling she might dig the look she gets in this headswap I just made.

If you enjoy things a bit on the kinky side, slide on into her...blog and show her some love! I sure appreciate her work and I let her know it from time-to-time. That's: Pink Ranger TG Captions

Also: If any of you would like to fit yourself into the manip I made for this, please, feel free to offer suggestions for some variations on this! (I might do some anyhow.)

"Katherine & Nick: A DrunkDrinkDrank Tale"
(Just to keep you all on your toes be sure to read the body-text of this post between the images.)

  "You can't be growing," Nick shot back, "because your perky-little titties are shrinking!"
"And so's your thick dick, Nick!" was Katherine's retort as she felt the odd shifting inside her pussy. She looked down at where their bodies met in the motions of lust and added, "In fact, your whole body is shrinking! It isn't that my tits are getting smaller, I can feel my torso getting broader!"
"SHIT! My legs feel so weak, as your pussy gets even tighter! Don't push my cock out of...HELLP! I can't ho..." Just as Nick's knees buckled he felt Katherine's legs take the weight off.
"What-the-HELL?! Why are we, like, the same height, babe?! And, please, put my dick back inside your pussy!"

Katherine's strong arms lifted the lighter Nick's small body off the floor and she said, "I don't think that's at all possible, so I'll just suck your tiny, budding breasts for a minute, dude," taking his erect nipple in her mouth.



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    1. Yea!!! Thanks, Hon!

  2. Nice. Very interesting indeed. Been awhile since i seen a head swap. Think there's still something for my nyc exploit?