Tuesday, January 24, 2017

"DrunkDrinkDrank: Wyatt & Trina" p.p.3-5

   Yes. Once again I have been too-long troubling over what words to put where and how to share the effects of those shooters that our unsuspecting non-couple ingested on N.Y.E., But, here is another part of Wyatt & Trina's adventure into the new year... And their new lives?
   And, Wyatt, I know you simply asked to be included in one of my captions, so I hope you don't mind that is a little more than just A caption, sweetie! Please; Enjoy the ride!
   Also; This has become a little more of a 'Story With Images' through this part so, hopefully, the narrative will keep you wanting to come...back for more!

Here's Part 1


"DrunkDrinkDrank: Wyatt & Trina" (part two)
pg. 3
Click "Read more" for p.p. 4 & 5

pg. 4
 pg. 5


  1. Whoa. So erotic. Does this mean that he now has a pussy now instead of still having a dick?

    1. *gihigiggle* Thank you, Wo;fie! Sit tight, sweetie... There's more to come!


  2. God bless your indelible soul
    with discernment, dear:
    I'll see you Upstairs someday
    AFTER Confession.
    Why after?
    Lemme put it to this Way, dear:
    Ever heard of the whorizontal?
    Exactly what we're on...
    And EYE go to Confession once
    every 5-6ish weeks to curb
    my naughty thots which we cannot
    control living on this
    LEMMING/WHORIZONTAL like planet.

    But, yet, life is very short...
    once we're Upstairs, girl,
    we'll an eternity to love.

    ...cuzz thar aint no love in Hell, babe.
    So join this sinfull mortal
    where we can be as ONE in our joy.
    Love you, toots...
    I'll definitely pray for you.
    Cya soon.

    1. First; Thank you for commenting, Kold.

      Next; I have been blessed with discernment, Mr. Flatliner. And I apply it to all things, especially 'The Word'! I am a person of faith so, discernment informs me of too many falsehoods and failures in the commonly held-traditions that dictate religious practices. Perhaps you share this knowledge, at least on certain tenets which have gained prevalence in this world.

      Then; You might view the writings I've posted on this blog as my own manner of 'confession', for the writings posted here have done my soul some good. If you've read certain of my compositions here you might get a better sense of who I am and what I believe. Know too, that I respect your right to believe what your conscience dictates and to speak your views as you feel led to express them.
      And, I must say that, if YOU are sated with confession once every month-&-a-half, then your soul is in much better shape than the priests who hear it, for they confess daily their sins & shortcummings yet still bugger little boys or keep their knowledge of such 'in-house' so as to not tarnish their (un)'godly' reputation and that of their institution. (No. Not all, but many.)

      Also; You do realize, (or not?) that the double-negative creates a positive in English just as much so as it does in math. Therefore, you have now stated that hell does have love...for what/whom may be a matter of debate, but it is what you said, sir.

      Lastly; While I do appreciate your offer of prayer for my indelible soul, Mr. Flatliner, I am curious to hear just what/how you might pray for one such a me. Honestly, my own 'face-time' at the altar was never met with much response so...

      Thank you for visiting... Oh, that reminds me; I am curious how you came upon my site here and how much of its content you did read before commenting, Kold. Please, be honest. I'm neither in a position to judge, nor averse to polite conversation.

      In conclusion; "...may He make His countenance to shine upon thee..."

      Peace! Love! Kindness!

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    1. Redundant copy of previous comment from K.K.Flatliner deleted by Elle-Jae.