Thursday, December 29, 2016

"The Day(s?)-After Boxing (01)

   Greetings, Boiz, Gurlz, Bothz & Neitherz!

   I know it has been long since I've posted anything here, but the end of another year approaches so, I just wanted to wrap it up with a little something.
   In some private discussions, Zapper bade me a 'Happy Boxing-Day' and, since its concept is more in keeping with so many TG-Captioning themes, I thought some generalized pieces about role/rank/rate/relationship-swapping might be in order, (belatedly).

   So, here is wishing you, each & every, the best/most/biggest/brightest in the coming year!
Peace,Love&Kisses, All!!!

"The Day-After-Boxing" (01)
P.S. There may be some rhyme or meter in the text so, if you find it, my deepest apologies!


  1. HA! Bravo. I must say your wanton display of a well turned . . . phrase leaves your readers gasping in delight! I'd add that, that is a handsome box (in the pic) and wonder what might fill it . . .


    1. Thank you, Z! But, perhaps my phrasology was more like grasping in the night. English is such a tricky tongue... Speaking of which; I'm sure that box, as I wrote, was filled with my digits stroking the keys! But, it sounds like the missus put other presents in...and out...and in...and out...and back into that pox!

      A very Peaceful, Lust-filled and Kinky New Year to you, Zapper!!!