Wednesday, September 21, 2016


   I suppose that I might not look very different than the (MILB-ish0 model pictured herein if my gender expression had developed as I believe it should have. The raven hair framing a lovely face with bright, blue eyes glowing forth above a pair of beautiful, buxom breasts, (genetically in the EE to GG or H range if my mother's side of the family has any input...which it would).
   But, for the purpose of the following tale, I do imagine myself being the perpetrator of the secondary transformation... Which is to say; I'm the one who has been 'house-sitting' for the MILB and has 'enlisted' the aid of a bully for the caption below.

   I suppose you might want to imagine a cougar with special abilities or esoteric skills who has made me her double on occasions past in order to preface this piece...



  1. Hi Elle, its Liz. My mother is in hospital again with a serious infection. I'm struggling with depression that comes and goes. The captions I did were done on a day I was in the mood, Not sure if I'll get anymore done. Thank you for the comments on Doc's blog, and hope you are okay xx

    1. Hi, Liz. I am sorry to hear that your mum is not well, and I hope that she recovers fully & quickly. I think that we all struggle with some depression, to varying degrees, and I am sorry that you have been in that cycle. Something that seems to help level my mood is a supplement called "SAMe" (400mg). On the bright side, you did feel in the mood to caption again so, YEA! It's a good thing to know that you still have the desire in there, at least some!

      I'm...well-enough, Liz. And I bid you the greatest Peace, deepest Love, and most passionate Kisses!!!