Monday, June 15, 2015

"We're WereWomen Now", pt.1

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  A couple of months ago my room-mate brought home some totally Hot redhead he met at a bar. I could hear them going at it for hours, and for the next few days I didn't see him leave his room.
About a month ago the redhead showed-up again, but this time she'd brought an over-nite bag, but I had to work a few night shifts that week, so I was surprised to see her & some blonde leave as I got home in the morning, and I figured my roomie was just sleeping-off being a lucky bastard!
As I got home from another night shift this morning the same blonde chick was leaving in a hurry but, I noticed something - I'm not sure what - strangely familiar about her mannerisms when I asked where her redheaded friend was and whether I'd be seeing my room-mate at all today, at which point a coy grin lit her face with a nearly post-orgasmic glow, then she replied enigmatically.
"No. You won't. I'll have him, um... 'preoccupied' for the next couple of days," then left quickly with an expression that looked like some mix between raw lust, concern, fear and 'don't go there'.
I ate & went to bed, sleep eluding me until I stroked myself off to thoughts of fucking the hot blonde and, on waking that evening, I called in sick, showered, and waited to see if she came back.
My room-mate hadn't stirred, but the blonde returned. Entering as though she live with us, and carrying bags of a shopping-spree at boutiques & department stores, shocked to see me still home.
She looked, and smelled, like she needed a seriously raw, lustful fucking! I knew I sure did! I'd be just the one to give her what I needed so, her resistance didn't last beyond seeing my thick cock at full, throbbing attention, all ready to plunge, spell-bound, into her hot, sopping-wet pussy!
"My-GOD, you're SO tight, babe! Try & tell
you haven't wanted this since we first met!"
"I'm sure you have
and I tried to warn
you, man! But you didn't take 'No'
For an answer so I'm-
not responsible
for what comes
next, dude!"
I didn't care what
she was saying as I
felt her cunt spasm!
"You coming is what's coming
next, gorgeous! Let me make it
last longer than my roomie does!"

I licked her nipple

 and slid my cock out to where my helmet was pulling back against the inside of her pelvic opening just as I felt the first clench of her vaginal muscles, {this chick must do her Kagels}, I thought, then shoved my raging rod back inside her up to its hilt while her body began to convulse intensely!
"You-FUCKING-ngh-ASSHOLE! NnHUh-never listened to me the-hah whole time wh-we've Luh-hi-lived together!" she panted as if we'd been a couple, or something like that.
It was at that point, when I went
to slide my dick back to just inside
her incredible cunt, that I could tell
something was wrong with her pussy!
Tight was great, but I could NOT
pull my cock back out! Her grip was so
immensely powerful around my dick's
deeply-buried shaft; I was pinned and
held in the clutches of a lubricious slit
so strong I could neither slip out nor in!
That's when I felt it! A bizarre, and
incredibly erotic, penetration of my
seminal opening by something in her;
As though her uterus was fucking me!
I was nowhere near coming, until I
felt her come starting to shoot into
me, as if my cock-eye was a pussy!
Loads of fluid streamed inside my
manhood all the way to my sack and
soon I could feel my cock begin to
change as my balls were pushed into
my pelvis while I began to slide out
of her pussy, fucking for all I had!
hell ARE YOU?!" I cried as her... p-innis(?)
slipped from my dick, freeing me to screw her
while it lost girth & length, eventually slipping
completely out of her, now seemingly cavernous cunt, as I lay on my side by her undulating body! I looked down, between my legs, and saw my 'pride-&-boys' turn into a tiny, throbbing clit with wet
labia between soft, feminine thighs that squished with hot juices as I slapped them together! That not being enough; I could feel my muscles wan into smooth, girlish curves & fat grew on my chest!
 "You NEVER FUCKING listen to me, do you, dude!? I told you after last month that you DON'T want to meet the women you saw leaving my room; Didn't I?" her high-pitched voice admonished as my head stopped spinning and I rose to straddle her beautiful body with my flat, wet, hungry cunt while my, now smaller & more delicate, fingers began to trace the growing swells of tit-flesh on my chest, with their tender, conical nipples peaking to greet my touch & sending arousal to my pussy!
"What-th-huh-hu-hm the-FUCK dih-hih-hm-did you do to me!?" I stammered as my voice rose in pitch and my nipples sent an array of entirely foreign signals to what was my dick just moments ago!
She grabbed her tits and lifted her hips to press her hot mons against mine, saying, "Dude, I'm your room-mate, L.J.! Well, most of the time. But, the redhead turned me into a werewoman, and my warnings fell on deaf- or, perhaps, horny, ears, when I tried to tell you without blowing my..."
"OH-fuck, dude! Did I just make you a woman forever!?" I asked as I let one hand slide down my
sexy skin to tease my new pussy while I reveled in the tingles running from my teats to my twat.
L.J. let a full belly-laugh escape from hi... um, her, pretty mouth and said, "You must have read too many TG-Captions, buddy. The only way that could happen is getting fucked by a wereman! So, be careful what guys- if any - you have sex with from now on, dude! Besides, we'll both have a hot pussy to play with every month from now on... even if it is our own!" and with that, she began to
rub her sexy, female genitalia against mine,
which caused my new pussy to get very wet
as I began to frig my clit & buck the hips
which had become wider & more sexy
than the ones I was born with!
"Oh-fuck, L.J., what've you
done, you horny bitch?!"
I asked, with my pussy
beginning to rub against
the one beneath me as
I squeezed my titties &
felt their delightful, yet
odd, arousal add to the
growing need inside my abdomen!
"Nothing you didn't want done; Since I
can see you're even more aroused now as
a woman than you were fucking as a man!"
I had to admit that the realization of being a woman straddling my transformed, male room-mate had me more aroused than I'd ever been! Even as a man with a real woman to fuck the brains from!

Looking past my titties while L.J. humped 'her' crotch against my clit was an unrealized dream!

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