Thursday, February 5, 2015

Variations: Version 3

(Icks factor: High) Sometimes I like to explore multiple possibilities for an image and present them as "Variations" so, here is the third of some I'v just done fro a pic that gives me thoughts of "Bizarre Body Modifications"
  (for best results open image in a new tab to enlarge)


  1. Oh, Elle. I really love the idea behind the captions. It was a wonderful mix of magic/witchcraft and body possession that really excited me. Although I was left somewhat confused by the last few lines before the end of each caption. They just didn't seem to fit in with everything else.

    Either way, I love the photos and the story behind it, and it gives me dirty ideas!

    1. I am sorry for your confusion, Hewy. I thought they made sense, but then again, what in my mind makes sense to anyone else?!

      Hopefully the 2nd Variation (now posted) is more concise.

      Dirty ideas, huh? Why not share them?