Saturday, February 7, 2015

Variations: Version 1

  Okay, when I first decided to do variations of a "Men are such dicks (literally)", bizarre body modification theme, I did not intend that any of them be more than one page, nor that this one would start as more of a parts-swap. But, as most of you regular readers know by now, I talk too much!!!
  In fact, I was thinking of doing a third page for this one, but you can decide whether this is enough.


  1. You are right Elle, it needs a third page. We all need to know about their baby! And we really need to see him go through the rest of it. I mean you get a vagina, of course you should use it and get the full experience, right? I know I would if I had one!

    1. Damn, Hewy! If pg.2 doesn't look like I'm enjoying having my new pussy used, I don't know what would! Although, I am missing my girlfriend's womanhood at least as much as she is!

      I'll have to put a piece together with you... and me(?) using each-others' pussies soon, huh? I need to get a couple of other projects worked on some more first, though. :-( :-x

    2. Absolutely!! My pussy can't wait to be with yours in a caption! :)