Saturday, July 5, 2014


  Okay, so I haven't been very prolific of late! :-( So, here's a cap-back I did not too long ago for Lady Harmony over at Rachel's Haven.
 (Click image to enlarge.)


  1. It's been a while, me lovely, but glad to know that all is well at your end and that you are still producing quality caps like this one.

    Can you tell I've finished my work for a bit?

    Yay for caps!

  2. Alas, Bexy-baby, I am woefully remiss at keeping in touch with you, darling :-( And there is no excuse to offer, but merely ask your forgiveness in my "trans-gressions"! Perhaps a piece of work to assuage and entertain your peculiar proclivities, my dear!?

    I'll have to slide by your spot in perusal of what bits you've been working!

    Thank you very much for you kindness in comment, Bex!!! :-x :-x

  3. I love captions where the person shown visually is a redhead. The caption is well done.


    1. Thank you, Monica! Is there anything else you would love to see/be in a caption? ;-)