Friday, March 7, 2014

"The Swap-Crop"; for Liz

  Honestly; Laid-Hes, Geintal-Men, Lurkers, Lechers & Readers-of-all-kinky-varieties:
  While I would wish to call Liz my dear friend, I have been remiss in this time of R-L struggle through-which this wonderful person has been going; In that I have failed to remain in close contact & offer what support I can from the distance between us.  :-(
  Ergo; What follows is simply something I hope might lift her spirits, should she see it. So, Liz, (whose own, recently-added blog can be found here, at "Liz's TG Captions"), as always: My deepest Love, Respect & Appreciation for all you've shared, in both real & captioned lives!!!

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