Sunday, March 2, 2014

"The Dr. Is In" p.2 (for DocVS)

  The Doc is a longtime composer & collaborator in the Body/Spirit/Hopper/Possession genre of TG-Captions. She has recently joined the Blogiverse after having spent much time at Yah-groups & Ecirava.
  The caption posted here is the second page of two that I composed for her. In order to view the first you will have to visit her 'clinic', known as "The Bodyhopper Files". So, please, LaidHes, Genitals & Lurkers, slide on over to the Doctor's Lab for still & animated captions, stories, general banter and somewhat bent TG/TF hopper whatnot! She'll be glad to have you!.. and you'll LOVE having been had!



  1. Mmmm...very much enjoyed this short cap series. Thank you again for contributing to my blog site :-)

    1. Glad to, Doc!!! After all, the community should get sticky together!!! Um, no. I mean be... stuck-together...? That's not quite right, either. Although,they do sound like fun options! You wouldn't happen to have any surgical adhesive on-hand, would you V.? ;-)