Sunday, December 29, 2013

ThanksTaken pt.2

  Season's Salutations, Boiz, Gurlz, Boths, Neithers & All Variations who may be or become!!!

  By nature, I tend to apologize when it has been some time since posting any captions for you lovely people, as it feels like I'm letting you down or failing to fulfill things I have said I would do. And, in some cases, that may be true, and I am regretful for not having followed-through with captions you may be waiting to see. I offer no attempt at justifying my lack of effort or the slumber of whatever muse might attend my avocation.
  However, here is the conclusion, (I believe), of a personal tale, both factual & fictional in it is telling, part 1 of which is posted here, about being waylaid since around Thanksgiving. These pages share some truths about my life, love and lust, all wrapped-up in a tale of TG-dreaminess.
  I do hope to get back to posting more soon, and I bid you all the warmest wishes, fullest futures & best of beauties for the coming year!

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