Monday, August 5, 2013

Silence Between Them

  This is an honest introspection set to the tune of using a wife's body while she sleeps. I wrote it as a cap-back after sharing a few comments with xXDarrellXx at Rachel's Haven, and some of the feeling & thoughts are really questions that prick at my conscience while I regale you lovely lurkers with erotic trans-fiction in the process of 'freeing' the woman I'll never get to be.
  To many, perhaps most of you, the moral implications of being trans-gendered, whether you are blessed to live as your true selves in daily life or not, may not be as profound as they are to those in shoes like mine. Though, I doubt not that nagging questions still rear their ugly heads, nonetheless!

"Silence Between Them"


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    1. And that is a beautiful, yet, enigmatic smile, Sweet, Sexy Sedra!

      Some are broad, ear-to-ear expressions of hilarity or utter joy, while others are ones that convey an unspoken understanding of some shared secret between to souls, and some are warm & inviting the beholder to approach & introduce themselves! Still others are stiff & fake or practiced & plastic like those intended to garner the votes of pageant-judges.

      Yours, dear heart, 'feels' like the combination of the 'secret-knowing' and 'get-closer-&-become-intimately acquainted' varieties. (at least, that is how I have always hoped you might smile in my direction, Sedra, were our persons ever to reach such proximity!) And the wink is not only telling & cute, but stirs my spirit on butterfly-wings!

      Thank you, Sedra! Consider yourself warmly hugged, with a soggy-eyed smooch from me on both your cheeks, dear!

  2. Wonderful cap. Even if i'm not married, this comes very close to some fantasies I have.

    And yes, there are always nagging questions rearing in my head.

    1. Thank you, Helena! I doubt not, with what thoughts we've shared, that similar sentiments give-rise to questions of self, selflessness and selfishness.

      Questions not unlike the ones some kin pose to me regarding my health and how important it is that I see doctors about my condition & continued presence on this globe.

      Alas, how selfish is one to choose the path their heart knows to be right over taking the one proposed by others' selfishness in the prospect of loosing one they have known?

      Whether choosing to pursue becoming the woman I would, or choosing not to combat a self-inflicted & eventually fatal alteration of my cells, some would say that my choice be selfish, while failing to to see the selfishness of their desire that I remain as they have known me.

      And truly, I know not whose selfishness is 'right' or 'wrong' in the grander scheme of life, love, the world and creation! Only that, as in the words of Neil Pert, "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice!"

      Forgive me, Helena, for the rambling of truth-as-I-see-it! But, perhaps you are greatly-blessed to have only questions nagging you within, rather than a spouse nagging you without! ;D (LOL)

      Thank you for the insight, Helena! Peace,Love&Kisses... And the same blue-eyed-fountain of smooching huggs I give to Sedra!!!