Monday, August 12, 2013

A Double Pleasure!!

  Wow! First of all;
  I have been honored by the selection of my entry as winner of the August contest at TG Captions and Other Assorted Debaucheries ! Thank you, ADdie!!! I'm nearly at a loss for words, my darling of debauchery!!!

  I've been conversing with that recent addition to the TG-Capping blogiverse of Country Pixie TG, Gwen; Whose use of an image I find quite appealing, -& somewhat representative of my potential appearance had I been properly-formed at birth- for a caption she did not long ago. And from that piece, I contrived a tale that might have followed if I were the one on-whom the undefined means of transformation had been employed. The sample image below should, hopefully peak your interest sufficiently to visit her spot, where she has posted my present to her, "Sharing His New Assets".

   And, as Gwen is a lovely lady who wonders about what it might be like to have certain male parts at her disposal for use on guys with a womanhood of their own available; I assembled this image for her to consider such possibilities.
  As always; Clicking images makes things bigger! And may you all be blessed with Peace,Love&Kisses!!!


  1. YEAAAA!! congrants hun. smiles. hugs, Sedra.

    1. Thank you, sweet heart!!!
      I'm working on something for you presently, Sexy! ... or, something sexy for you, Sedra. I hope you like the idea of being the changer, because I'd sure love to have you make changes like this to me, darlin'!!!

      Love-Kissing-Pieces!!! ((xSedraX))