Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bus Problems -2-

  See Loki's Captions for page 1 of this impromptu collaboration. When I saw his piece and I happened to have another shot of the same set, well, they do say that two heads are better than one!
  And, by all means, keep checking-out Loki's place for some fun & twisted capping!!!

"Bus-Problems-2" inspired by Loki Trickster


  1. You'd think people would learn to have better manners around Madame Olga. Love the CAP. I will certainly link over.

  2. Glad you like it, Tricky! I'm trying to send them your way too, hon! :xXx

  3. It took a while, but I went to Loki's blog thanks to you.
    I love your sequel to Loki's cap as wel. I'm not sure wich one is hotter.

    1. Glad you liked what you saw in both places, sweetie! As long as the story feels contiguous, it's all good!! :x :x