Saturday, May 4, 2013

Deer-Hunting Dears; at 'Nubile-Native Outfitters' (@Gwen)

  Well Boiz & Gurlz; Always ready to offer some help in getting new TG-Blogs some traffic, (although i don't always manage to cover all of the recent additions), I put this together with Gwen, of 'Country Pixie TG', in mind. She has shared some things with me, and I with her. So, Gwen, I hope this doesn't fall too far outside your likes, dear!
  Folks, slide on over to Gwen's and see what she's got going-on! But do have a look at this bit of fun too!

"Deer-Hunting Dears; at 'Nubile-Native Outfitters'"

WAY more to see by clicking "Read more", and clicking the images make them bigger!!!


  1. Wow, mind blowing. But after reading this, that I don't need anyway ;)

    1. While other things may not need it, minds are still a fun thing to blow!!! ;)

      ){*}( , <3 & :xXx

  2. Thank you, Gwen! I'm glad to hear it!!