Sunday, April 14, 2013

"The Green-Room" on G.A.W.N. ch. 6969

  The "Gender Awareness World Network" bring you the finest in hard-hitting, sensation(al/ist) gender-equali(zing)ty TV-programming!
  Today on 'The Green-Room', see how adult-industry talent agents become better-aware of their clients' broader abilities, and reach a consensus on which way their careers should go.
  For Chelsea Baker at Rachel's Haven.

  (I apologize for any difficulty you may have in reading some of the following dialogue! The dialects are expressed in order to make a certain point and add some degree of levity. It is not my intent to defame any group or ethnicity with the following work of trans-gender fiction. Please, take it in the spirit of just plain erotic sensation-alism and a tale of comeuppance.)

"The Green-Room"
 The show continues after this break.

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