Thursday, March 21, 2013

H.U.M.P.Drive; Miss-Translated

  Here is a piece for the author/administrator of Dawn's Girly Site that I did as a cap-back for her wonderful present to ma at Rachel's Haven.
  It is entirely based on a novel I read 30+ years ago, in my more impressionable teens. I fail to recall much of the story, but memory serves that the author included some passages which helped aid in my gender-transformational fantasies.
  No endorsement by the original author, his heirs or assigns, is granted or implied regarding this work of Fan-Fiction composed respectfully and solely for entertainment purposes by yours truly.
H.U.M.P.Drive; Miss-Translated

  That's it. Just two pages which I hope you enjoyed! :)


  1. Just love this cap and just for l'il ole me. Thanks!

  2. You are MOST welcome, Dawn! And thank you, dear, I'm glad you enjoyed it!! :X