Sunday, February 3, 2013

"Cap-Napping" of TG Blogs; A Followup

  Toward preventing viewers of the TG-Caption Blog-iverse from visiting sites that have been compromised for the ill-gotten-gain of person(s) who probably despise those of 'our ilk' as-it-were, I am posting a link to the Britney/SteffiMarie message regarding this happening to former sites of hers.

  In this post, Britney tells of which are the current sites she is actively administrating, and which have been usurped by pretenders-for-profit.

  'No one' was kind enough to provide the following avenues and suggestions for seeking remedy.
  (which is to say that some unknown dear did supply them to me. don't ask, i really do NOT know)

Use these links:

 to bring misuses to the attention of Google/Blogger. The specific caveats and suggestions can be found in the replies to the "@ That Guy..." post, below... or I will email them to those wishing to contact me that way.

  It is sad that the world is occupied by people out to harm other or profit from labors not their own!

  Please! If you know of TG Fact/Cap-/Fic-tion links/blogs/sites which have fallen into the hands of those who are using them for other purposes, let us bloggers know so that we can pull them from our links or let others know to avoid them as well!


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