Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Anonymous Thanks

 Just something I put together to show appreciation for all who visit, not only this, but all the TG-Caption blogs. Whether you leave us note of your views or not, know that you are welcome, and encouraged to move as your conscience permits, among the cross-dream-scapes of our imaginations!
 Thank you for stopping by! Come... and come again! Don't worry, I'm a quiet lover too! :x

 Be well. Be at peace. Be as free as you can.
 Hush, darling readers.
Sit still and breathe.
You'd love to feel like this, wouldn't you?!
Pretty face with sexy, 'come-hither' eyes.
Soft, velvety skin with
silken locks that tease as they drape over you.
Full, womanly curves &
heavy, natural breasts with tender teats that capture & amplify any signal they receive, like radio-telescopes focus waves of energy into a perceivable pattern for the user to interpret.
An unobstructed and sensuous space between your thighs, without a floppy, dangling, ugly set of crude parts that crush when you sit, and
ache for use &or abuse.

 I don't need to know your name, beautiful, or which way you like to play.
That you're here is all that matters, and what you'll take when you go.
 I'm not trying to hypnotize you, neither vex you under a witching spell. I aim to merely present you a vision of what may be, or help you to imagine the you you'd rather be, if you could do so, were the magic & tech for real.
 To feel the deliciously fatty tissue growing on your chest and around your hips while layers build-up to pad a full and spankable set of ass-cheeks.
 To help you see, as you lay back, naked and unfettered, a truer new self.
 The supple weight of plush tits shifting in your delicate hands as you
look past generous globes of female flesh to see the 'V' formed by your legs and leading to the venerated vulva which fills your pelvic recesses with the yearning, voluminous void of Venus. A singularity like where we all began.

Elle-Jae Matthews


  1. I climbed a mountain...
    Your reaction over at Britney's motivates to, it actually feels great to get feedback, even if i only wrote a comment.
    I don't believe I visited your Blog before, but what i saw tastes like more. I know I won´t stay away.
    This caption itself I would describe as lovely and heartwarming.
    Thank you,

  2. You are welcome, Helena! and, Thank you!!

    Please, look around at your leisure, and just so you know, my stuff gets rather graphic at times. Though, I do aim to get visitors up...& over that mountain! ;)


  3. you are awsome hun, one of the few who apreacites your vistors, you go girlfreind. hugsssss, Sedra.

  4. ((Sedra)) Huggs back! Thanks sweet heart!

    And, I really do... whether they say anything or not, I know y'all are there!! :xXx


  5. If ever there were a caption that summed up what your style is to me, then I believe that this would be it.

    Ver' nice. And thank you again!

  6. Well, ((Bex)), now I'm the one words fail... except for saying, Thank you!