Saturday, January 12, 2013

Adalia's Cherry & Guest Cap-Back

  On occasion, I've been known to drop a caption on some tasty newbie at Rachel's Haven. And that is just what I did to Adalia. However, the piece I composed for her was also put together as an entry in the May, 2012 Cap-Con there.

  Adalia was so taken with being captioned that she insisted on returning the favor, even though she'd never made, nor upon joining Rachel's, intended to engage in making captions. Not long ago, she dropped me a P.M. with a link to her lovely response-in-kind, which I'm posting here in appreciation, and hopefully, encouragement of her further efforts to create captions, (though, she has mentioned writing a story for the Haven Library, to expand on her caption herein posted... which I do look forward to reading just as soon as she's completed it!!!).

    For you consideration and enjoyment, I submit the following, 'Virgin Work' by Adalia:
  Which was written in response to a 'Welcome to the Haven' piece I thought had been posted here previously, however, it does not appear to be so in reviewing posts. Here, then, is...
"Wide-Eyed Awakening" for Adalia

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