Thursday, January 3, 2013

1187 Anno Domina

 Here is a little something for my friend, Liz, who, among other greats in the TG Caption community, moderates the PossessionObsession groups at Yah-hoo

"1187 Anno Domina"


  1. happy new years hun, huggggggggg, hope all went well for you, mine was awsome, giggle ;) still love your work and looking forward to you new work. hugs Sedra.

  2. Thank you, sweet heart, and a Happy You Near, too, ((xSedraX))!!!

    Glad you were a lot of fun... er, I mean, had a lot... well, probably both!! ;)

    I do hope to keep more coming!!! (and you can take that however you like, dear!:-)

    ){*}( , <3 & :-xXx

  3. This story has amazing potential to be one hell of a series :D I would love to see more of it!

    1. Thank you, A.D.! I'll take that under advisement. I had thought of making a few more pages of this present for the entity a.k.a. "Mad Swapper".

      Not sure if you've seen the earlier effort of a similar theme I made for Liz;

      And I'm wondering if you'd like more of the story of "Sir Racine Knight", or of others who might have been altered in the caves of the "Oracle of Ellephi"?