Thursday, December 13, 2012

"Peter Gets Taken to M.A.M.S."

 For 'TG-Anthro' at Rachel's Haven.

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  Peter was hesitant when his girlfriend said she wanted him to go with her after she had won a free pass for two to Mystic Alchemy Massage & Spa. He didn't feel like that kind of thing was manly, but he eventually agreed, after she insisted that he'd not get to do anything 'manly' withher unless he spent the day getting pampered with her and having treatments she thought might be fun and relaxing.

  When he realized their massage therapist was male, Peter threatened to leave, until the built, olive-skinned Latino asked Peter what type of masseuse he would prefer to have for the day.

  He looked at Melissa and said that a woman of similar appearance would be  much appreciated.

  The masseur assented and told the couple he'd be back in just a moment, then selected a bottle from the shelves of proprietary lotions, creams and other products along one wall of the room, and went behind the curtain where his clients had left their clothes when they changed into their M.A.M.S. robes earlier.

  Peter and Melissa looked at each-other, puzzled at knowing there to be no entrance to this room in the corner where their massage therapist, L.J., had gone. They heard the cap of the bottle open and the man began to hum as sounds of the contents being squeezed and spread over skin went on for some minutes.

  The curtain suddenly drew open to reveal a short, pale-skinned, blonde woman who made a wave of her hands to present her naked body, then asked with the deep voice of L.J. if this look was more acceptable.

  The couple gaped in astonishment as what they were seeing stirred their erotic senses and peaked the curiosity of Melissa, who hopped from her table to get a closer look at the new body standing before her.

  Peter began to get hard as his girlfriend stepped behind the -now shorter, and female- masseur(?), then reach around him(?) to take-hold of one of his tits and run her other hand over his puffy vulva. So thrilled with the idea of trying a different body shape, Melissa asked if there were other 'flavors' also, and whether she could try one. Peter, still stunned, flippantly suggested a darker, ethnic hue as contrast to pale L.J.

  L.J. led Melissa to the shelves and she selected a bottle, whispered something to him, and went to change while the formerly strapping masseur sashayed toward Peter, whose arousal was more than evident, and informed him -in a still male voice- that his lady had suggested L.J. massage Peter's most tense portions.

  The petite blonde guided one of Peter's hands to the flower his phallus had become, while wrapping his small hand around his client's thick manhood. Peter turned his 'deer-in-the-headlights' expression to the curtain that flung open in the corner of the room and saw a bodaciously-built, brown beauty shaking her curvy body through a couple of 360's and asking -in Melissa's voice- if he liked this curvier shape on her.

  An even more flabbergasted Peter stammered through asking if she was really Melissa as he watched her dance and shimmy her big, beautiful, brown ass around the room before she slid up behind L.J. and told her befuddled boyfriend that, if he could be fingering a guy's pussy, she could be an Ebony Enchantress.

  Melissa withdrew Peter's hand from the blonde's labia, licked some juice and smeared more on her thick lips as she pressed the former man between them, kissing Peter over the shoulder of L.J., whose hand was stroking Peter's cock which became slick with oil as Melissa poured it all over her boyfriend's white skin.

  Lost in the sloppy kiss and the golden sparkles of Melissa's brown -formerly blue- eyes, Peter closed his own as she caressed his face with her oiled hands. He could feel L.J. covering his chest and legs with the stuff and his body seemed to shift and swell and shrink and surge with ever more of the oil covering him. His breaths  came faster, pulling more air in as his nose widened and his lips swelled under his girlfriend's passionate kiss and his heaving chest began to sway and jiggle with the weight of two gelatinous globs growing in place of the firm pectorals he'd arrived with. With all the wonderful, mysetrious sensations covering his flesh, Peter no longer felt the little, white hand on his member, so he reached for it himself, only to find that his proud, hard cock was becoming smaller while his balls had receded and his scrotum was puckering into elaborate, ebony folds and forming delicate, female genitalia which began to flood with slick juice from deep within. A moan of desire rumbled in his throat as the other two rolled him onto hands & knees, oiling his broader ass.

  Between the weight of his huge titties hanging under him, the hand on his soft, round bottom, and Melissa saying she's eager to taste his pussy, Peta is not in a hurry to change back... or disappoint his girlfriend!


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