Thursday, November 22, 2012


   To all of you and yours!!!

I just put this together, inspired by a short chat I had yesterday with Chel Mermaid. Out of a minor miscommunication about what the "T" stood for, and my sincere wish to bid all you friends, followers, lurkers and captioneers a very blessed and joyous day... whether you celebrate thanksgiving or not, and regardless of what you might be thankful for, please, have a warm, cheerful &...


These ain't turkey-necks & giblets, or chicken cutlets we're sportin', folks! And you don't have to live in the u.S.of-a. to be thankful for beautiful, bountiful blessings like these, either! Never-mind national borders!

Whether you like white meat or dark, breast, thigh, leg or tail; We got the stuffing you wanna gobble-down!

And, we promise to supply plenty of home-made whipped-cream for topping your pecan and sweet-potato pies!

We've plenty to go-'round, and more is always merrier. So, come & join us! Or, join us & come! Either way...


Blessings to you all!  Peace! Love! & Kisses! from: Elle-Jae Matthews / w8z2x4m

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