Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Guest Cap & Great Honor...

...to have received the following from, i.m.h.o., The Grand Dame of TG Caption bloggers; Rebecca Molay!

  I'm honestly not sure if this is a cap-back for something I had given her at Rachel's Haven, or if she just decided to bless me with this wonderful present, (and, looking at Ms. Molay's profile pics, with changes like this, we could almost be related). Regardless, I have been mulling-over a story to work on for her, and will shortly begin its composition.

  I emphatically suggest that, if you've never visited Rebecca's World, you really ought slide over there and have a look at the work of one who has, no doubt, inspired many a viewer to become a doer!

  For your enjoyment, and with my deep gratitude, here is:

 "Exam" by: Rebecca Molay

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