Thursday, November 1, 2012

Guest Cap by Kendall

  This gem was just given to me at Rachel's Haven. In return for "Scarlett Nojohnson", Kendall, whose blog can be found here, has presented me with a piece revolving around my favorite, but often overlooked in TG Caps/Fiction, method of transformation; A magic show/apparatus!
  Please take a look at her work, and slide on over to her place for more wonderful stuff from Kendall!

"Magic Act"


  1. Where can I find that chest at

    1. Well, Stranger, this delightful tale was presented to me as a cap-back at Rachel's Haven, but Kendall's blog is linked to via her name in the post's intro text.

      As for the amazing apparatus that made me who I am today; How about I send you some VIP passes to my show and, when I call for volunteers from the audience, you'll receive some special attention from my lovely assistants, and the rest of the audience too!!!


      P.S. drop me a word if you'd like to be included in a caption, darling. A name before & after TF and how explicit you like your erotica would be helpful in making a tale that fits you on a more personal level!