Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Hard For Teacher"

  Thanks to SexySedra for stopping-by and commenting on the video scenes post! You're a dear, and I'm sorry for not making you something more lengthy, (read that any way you wish, sweet heart!)! :-)

  Anyhow, there were a few teachers, way-back-in-the-day, about whom I had certain fantasies along this line. Didn't we all?! I mean, a gorgeous teacher with magic abilities and an odd sense of 'punishments fitting the crime'!

"Hard For Teacher"


  1. lol thats great hun, ty, :) love the model too, giggel. hugs Sedra.

  2. ((Sedra)) yw! Glad you like it hon! And thank you. :-X

  3. Absolutely brilliant use of pic! :D and I'm also honored that you have my blog on your list. Looks like I've found another great blog to follow ;D

    1. Thank you very much, A.D.! Sometimes the idea of only having parts exchanged is even hotter than looking like the beautiful Danielle Foxx, -either side of her s.r.s.

      And Sedra is a sweet heart beyond compare, who could teach me a lesson any way she'd like!

      I'll be stopping by your place, and I hope it grows well for you!