Saturday, October 20, 2012

"3rd Time's The Charm"

  This image just... SCREAMED!
"3rd Time's The Charm"


  1. lol - he gets swapped because he pulled out?! Damn, I wonder how long before the new man can get that tool hard? Recovery time can be a bitch . . . maybe she'll learn to use her mouth to get him hard faster? Nice, twisted, story.


    1. *gihiggle*blush* OhmyGOD, Zapper! Are you, like, viewing my hole-archi... Um, Whole archive?! I'm flattered! And I so wish I could return the compliment, (but with interruptions & distractions it would probably take me weeks).

      As for the guy in this tail- Oops, that's tale,; Yeah, I agree. LOL Some introduction to the taste of his new pussy on his old dick before he gets to feel it inside him and have his first female orgasm is in order! But, I think he was in a "swapped-if-you-do, swapped-if-you-don't" situation here. As a womanizer and bigot against big women, it was only fitting that he get to become the biggest of the three sisters, who had decided his days of using-&-losing should come to an end!
      Perhaps it should have a follow-up.

      I'm glad you like it's twistedness, Zapper! Thank you, ever-so-much!!!