Friday, September 7, 2012

"PAX WOMANVS" 100th Subscriber

  Greetings, readers! I've been working on this story since thanking Elisabetta of  'The Heap'- TG Captions for signing-up here. I am grateful to all the readers who frequent this blog, whether you've subscribed- (my humility, or lack of self-esteem, or something just makes me balk at referring to those who are gracious enough, or kind enough, or just-plain bent in the same direction as I am, and visit this blog on a regular basis, as "Followers") - or not. Some of you I have thanked with comments on your own site, some I've captioned, others I've chatted or emailed, but please, if you're not one of these, take no offense if I've not shared with you. Or drop me a line if there's something you'd like to see; I'm not the fastest at getting things don, and there are significant reasons for thet. But, I will do as well as I can to make something you like.

  So, on with the story! Here, dear people, is my thanks for the 100th subscriber to sign on.

Here we have seen the unfolding of events that lead to the 'creation' of "Mher'Phe; the TGenie"


  1. Wow!

    That really was different!

    Such was the imagery that I went through it without reading the dialogue or narrative the first time. And then returned to comprehend fully!

    So, I AM BORN!? Such a wonderful commission for your well appreciated followers; the way you keep the descriptive element in a single image is something I shall aspire to!

    Thank you once again Elle! For the pleasure of following is all ours!

    Ciao! <3


  2. Well yes, in a way, you are born, bella Elisabetta! And yes, I spent much time, long ago, viewing and reviewing these images without regard to what little narrative was included with them!

    I am flattered and deeply appreciate the compliment, though, hardly worthy that any similarity to my work should be aspired to.