Monday, September 24, 2012

Icks Factor: High

  Well, dear readers, as you've noticed by now, I do enjoy the occasional 'Bizarre-Body-Modification' and I do find many shemales incredibly sexy, (as either a desirable form to have, or a sexy lover to pleasure). Since some of your reactions to such fare, whether it be a BBM manipulation I've composed, or a super-hot shemale  explicitly depicted in all her glory, have been tending toward the "Ick" option. In light of this, for future posts with potentially "Icky" content, I will aim to inform you of such by including a heads-up in the post title. If knowing about the "Icks-Factor" of a post spares you any discomfort in viewing warped writings or twisted tales then I'll be glad to include some advisory. (although, I have the feeling that some of you might read/view them just the same).

  It may take some input from you to decide on an appropriately informative abbreviation to use in the title line, and, I may forget to include it sometimes. But, we'll get it worked out.

  So, in that vein, following are a few  recent pieces that might put some, of delicate sensibilities, off.

"But You Said..." Is a quick little manip I did about the intriguing prospect of combining various forms of sexual pleasure into a localized set of genital accessories.
 "But You Said...(var.1.3)" Is additionally manipulated to push the envelope of 'spirithopping' capabilities, and display a hopper's willingness to make someones spoken desires more real than they might have intended.
 "Dan & Jerry; Big-Bro-Broads" Is just a twisted little tale of how far some spirithoppers might be willing go to keep their sisters and/or their GFs 'safe'... of, maybe they just dig taking any excuse/opportunity to do some 'trans-lezzing' with each-other!?!

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