Sunday, August 12, 2012

Guest Cap + "Elle-pilogue"

  I have been commenting on the caps that Liz does for some time, and occasionally the server won't take the fullness of my wordy, convoluted, and usually too-far replies.
  Seeing as Liz really appreciates the twists, contortions and humor I apply to the 'where would it go from here?' nature of my comments; I took the liberty of doing a re-cap for one of her works when my lengthy reply got rejected for some error at the server.
  Thus, we have the Guest Cap from Liz, followed by the Re-Cap by yours-truly. I'm sure Liz joins me in hoping that you all enjoy our banter as much as we enjoy trading it.

Liz & Elle

"Just A Tease", by: Liz
 "Just A Tease - 'Elle-pilogue' ", by:Elle


  1. Lovely to see it up here :) xx -Liz

    1. I'm just glad you enjoy my ''Elle-piloges" so much, Liz! Thanks for all the fun stuff that inspires!